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by - quinta-feira, março 09, 2023

 Since I was a child I have always been a thin person, I weighed less than 50 kilos until I was almost 30 years old, and I never had any problems with losing weight.

When I was close to 30, I started to have back pain because of the position I worked in - sitting most of the day, so I started going to the gym to gain physical conditioning and muscle mass.

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Since that time, I noticed that buying gym clothes was something difficult, in addition to being expensive, they were not always comfortable and the tops to guarantee support tightened the breasts a lot, and when it was time to menstruate, it was even painful. I always wanted a most comfortable wireless bra that would bring me security.

Years went by, and after a few breaks from the gym, and surgery for an inguinal hernia, being over 30 and spending a lot of time at home during the first two years of the pandemic brought me extra pounds, and for the first time in my life life, I felt the need to lose weight.

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You see, my body is not ugly, I am not overweight, but I feel better with the 4 kilos less than I had in 2020. So, I decided to return to exercise at the end of 2021, and I wanted to avoid the environment of GYM due to exposure and the delay in making the machine circuit.

The solution I found was to go after functional classes and practice yoga at home with classes on Youtube. Scheduled activities that make me work my whole body.

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With all this need to find a more pleasurable way and with my face of doing exercises, the will to find comfortable clothes became an issue again. The yoga suits are great, as I can use them for functional activities, yoga practices at home, and even for outdoor walks.

Today I also try to look at the technology involved in the manufacture of sports garments, which, in addition to helping to make movements, being beautiful and comfortable, can also be used in other environments without embarrassing themselves for being too tight.

Cozy Anti-slip | Cosmolle image

One of the possibilities I found was with the Cosmolle brand, the products are featured in this post. The proposal is to help women become more self-care with clothes, with items that are modeled in 3D seamlessly to adapt to most of the different bodies we have.

What I liked the most is that there are different bra designs, allowing us to use it with different types of clothes, in addition to doing exercises with it. The colors are not as flashy as common gym clothes, and even though there is no seam, for those with a larger bust, there is support.

Workout pants and shorts also look quite comfortable and made to contour to your body, without flattening or showing too much. It is certainly one of the options to take into account and improve our self-esteem and performance in physical activities.

Talvez você goste!

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