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by - quinta-feira, março 17, 2022

More and more I am noticing that the world has started to face that people have different bodies and structures, even if they are from the same country or descend from the same race. This makes the pattern plural and not singular. Body shape also changes with age, and that doesn't mean that people should stop wearing what they like, but that they need to find outlets that help them feel good, regardless of the clothes they want to be wearing.

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One of the ways that can help women in everyday life to model their silhouette comfortably and with technology is to use full body shapewear, which can be different models of belts that adjust to the body and help to better distribute body fat as you live your everyday life.

Cinta pós-cirurgia
Image Sculpt She

Modeling belts also provide support after surgical procedures, bringing more safety and convenience to your recovery, whether in a postpartum or an aesthetic procedure, for example.

The material used has a lot of technology and is designed to make it easier, that is, the way to put it on or take it off is easier, it is possible to wear it under normal clothes and the colors are neutral.

Another advantage is being able to wear dresses, jumpsuits and social clothes or more sexy with everything in its place, and without people noticing that there is a belt there!

The most interesting news from Sculpt is the waist trainer wrap which has a lot of technology involved to help you conquer a slimmer waist and an hourglass body shape.

Imagem Sculpt She waist trainer wrap

There are up to 6 levels of adjustment to adapt to your body, the fabric allows the abdomen to be worked and the localized fat burning metabolism is greater. And one of the most amazing benefits: it decreases lower back pain and helps straighten your posture!

There are videos on the site demonstrating how to use this brace, and models for different goals and body shapes. The brand makes international delivery, which includes Brazil, and purchases over 70 dollars have free shipping.

Of course, no belt will replace a healthy diet and exercise routine, but it's definitely an extra help in the process that will help you look even more beautiful! 

Talvez você goste!

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