Dicas para uma silhueta com curvas!

by - sábado, abril 23, 2022

Have you ever stopped to think that we have different types of tastes around the world? For example, while here in Brazil we hate that we have a bag under the lower eyelids, Korean women like to highlight this part in makeup. Or, the highlight of latinas is having the most advantageous hips, while in the USA, the size of the breasts is the highlight.

That's why we don't have to follow a strict pattern, but see the one that our body fits best and embrace all the advantages we have with it, choosing clothes that value us, colors and even types of fabric.

But, if you want help to shape your body to give you a bigger edge and more curves, there are pieces that can be your allies, such as shaper shorts, which with various models, help to highlight your hips, butt, design a better waist. , flanks and thighs!

Shaper shorts (Durafit's image)

So, you will wear a tighter dress and keep everything in place, well designed, with regular use, the body will learn the shape it should follow and you will be more comfortable with the silhouette you see in the mirror. Some models also come with a foam that fills the sides or the bottom of the butt, to give extra help. ;)

Clothes with thinner fabric and a tighter cut may require you to wear a full body shapewear strap, which draws the body from the shoulders. So it doesn't matter if you're wearing a little black tube or a shirt and pencil skirt, you'll feel safe with everything in place.

Full body shapewear (Durafit's image)

There are different formats that allow you to use the shaping belt with or without a bra, in addition to the sizes that make you comfortable to choose the option. It can be used on a daily basis, or as mentioned, on days when clothing requires everything in its proper place.

Another fantastic tip is for party dresses with a neckline, the shaping bodysuit can shape everything and leave no underwear or bra marks, and depending on the type of dress, it even helps the breasts fit perfectly into the neckline.

Shaping Bodysuit (Durafit's image)

The colors are also neutral, all designed to make these underwear fit a wider variety of outfits and occasions. You can decrease measurements as you make greater use of the modeling belts, of course accompanied by diet and exercise this can be a faster and longer lasting process too.

Talvez você goste!

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